Thursday, 4 June 2009

London anime expo: Code Geass, gaming and Take That karaoke! (Naruto style)

How on Earth do I describe this year’s London expo? Picture a car crash scene of gaming cosplayers. Imagine a walking Death Note. Chuck in a troupe of all-singing, all-dancing Naruto fan boys doing Take That karaoke, and you have the most surreal expo I’ve ever been to!

I would like to say this was a one off occasion, but anyone who is a regular at expo will tell you, this all passes off as worryingly ‘normal...’

The day really started for me when I met up with my friend Meg, a J-rock cosplayer. Last year I bought a Gackt CD in Tokyo but due to my journalism commitments, the CD has been gathering dust for the better part of a year. This meant Meg had the great honour of being the first person to hear the music direct from Tokyo. As she returned it to me, I casually asked who she was cosplaying as. She gave me a big hug and put her head on my shoulder. Turns out she was Gackt. Oops, my mistake! My excuse was I haven’t seen Moonchild. I really am a bad fan girl. Sorry Gackt....

So here is a picture of Meg dressed as you-know-who getting cuddly with Miyavi. The Kabuki rocker acquired a large army of fangirls throughout the day.

Forget the free huggers, this year I even spotted a ‘free kisses’ sign. On another note, even anime fans are feeling the credit crunch pinch. A Light cosplayer manged to halve the cost of a Death Note wallet with some very clever haggling. I had only done a little bit of Pocky shopping before I was, rather unwittingly, kidnapped by the Gothic Lolita group. It happens...

Escaping into the hallway, I came across some rather surprising cosplayers. Proving you can cosplay just about anyone or anything (phone box, anyone?) I stumbled upon no other than J.D and Turk from Scrubs. They were my favourite cosplaying duo this expo.

As I'm still suffering from the shock ending of the anime Kuroshitsuji, here's a picture of Grell, the chainsaw swinging Grim Reaper of death.

After taking some pictures of Code Geass cosplayers, (the top photo), I narrowly escaped being run over, when a runaway Dalek zoomed past. Doctor Who wasn't joking, they really are dangerous! Out in the forecourt, the largest gathering of people dressed as games characters took place, with 376 games fans dressing up as Lara Croft, pointy eared elves and every one's favourite plumber, Mario!