Monday, 7 December 2009

Studio Bones: Sword of the Stranger interview with Masahiro Ando and Masahiko Minami

If you are an anime fan, than studio Bones will need no introduction. But for those who don’t know their Naruto from their Bleach, this is the anime studio behind Darker Than Black, Cowboy Bebop and the phenomenal Fullmetal Alchemist. A little while back I interviewed Masahiro Ando, the anime film director behind samurai flick, Sword of the Stranger, to find out about the new movie. I also had a quick chat with Masahiko Minami, the head of studio Bones to find out how the internet is bringing anime studios and foreign fans closer together. Below is a sneak peek at what they had to say:

Talking about the movie Ando said, “ I really wanted to get across the world of the middle ages, I wanted to create that world on screen- The way of living and the way of dieing.” But making his directorial debut was no small challenge. He went on to say:

“It was the first time that I had directed so everything was a challenge for me. It was pretty nerve wracking! It’s much harder to make a film because with a TV series you’ve got 26, 52, or in my case, 13 episodes to get it right. You can try things, if it doesn’t go right, you can try it again. There’s trial and error involved. But with a film, if you get one shot wrong, you’ve spoilt the film really, so you have to concentrate a lot more on the background animation and be a lot more careful with a picture film.”

Although studio Bones is more well known for TV anime, the head of the studio, Masahiko Minami, has said he will be involved in the live action movie adaption of Cowboy Bebop (which will star Keanu Reeves.) Here, he talks about how the internet is changing anime and the reason behind simulcasting FMA Brotherhood:

“It’s a good project for us as creators to get everyone watching it through a simulcast. In the case of FMA it was previous work so it was easier to do it that way but I think it will be harder with an original work. For a new work, it would be more challenging but we would like to give it a go and get everyone all over the world watching.”

Minami did indicate at London Expo that the studio is working on a new robot anime with an American producer but the details are yet to be officially revealed. You can read the full interview on the Anime UK News website by clicking here.