Thursday, 22 April 2010

An Ouran story...

My very wonderful manga-partner-in-crime, Sarah, recently told me the news that Ouran High School Host Club will soon begin its final story arc. "Oh no!" was my initial reaction with my hands at the sides of my cheeks in true Twins fashion. Anyone else out there who is a long time manga addict will openly admit that the thought of a favourite series ending will often grip said fan with feelings of sadness. But even good stories must come to an end, and this reminded me of a surprising 'Ouran moment' that I had earlier this week.

I walked into a department store on London's Oxford Street on the hunt for a new bag for work. You know how women sometimes squeal at the sight of a new coveted designer handbag - well, that's not me. My squealing only happens in a manga shop. Normally, I bypass the whole handbag section but necessity is a fine beast. My favourite piano bag has finally fallen apart - manga and Japanese drama fans might have already picked up on the little clue in the last sentence, but it was the bag from the Nodame Cantabile series. I have had it for years but its beyond repair now and is resting in Handbag Heaven. It was so a part of me that my dad could spot me from far away and whenever I remarked that he has good vision, he would smile and say that whenever he saw a piano bag, he would always know it was me. But anyway, I digress, back to the story...

There was me in said department store and I was looking at the 'flashy' (or should I say normal designer handbags) to see what all the fuss was about. But I have a confession to make. Sorry girls, but I just don't get it. Designer handbags all look the same to me.

I then looked at my H.Naoto bag and I thought of Tamaki and I realised what the problem was: they all lacked character. It reminded me about the story from Ouran when the Twins, Hikaru and Kaoru were fighting and trying to er... not be twins. But Tamaki (who is normally an idiot)said that their contradictions were okay because they had character. And I had never realised how important such a thing was until now.

Which made me even more happy with my punk rock bag that I walked out of the shop proud to be just that little bit different. Nevermind the handbag, I was amazed that something Tamaki said actually had some wisdom in it (for once.)